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My Message to You

I've spent over 35 years researching the main oral health issues that can affect your overall health. The three most important oral health problems in this regard are mercury amalgam fillings, gum disease, and jaw infections, including infected root canals. I've also extensively researched mercury detoxification and developed a safe and natural mercury detoxification program. I've written three best-selling books on these subjects;

Along with the information in my books, my website has over 400 pages of information that you won’t find anywhere else. Such as how to find mercury safe dentists and mercury free dentists, the health hazards of mercury amalgam fillings, symptoms and diseases related to chronic mercury poisoning, and how to testing for mercury. I recommend, if you haven’t already done so, that you search through the site for subjects of interest to you, and be sure and check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Popular Topics section on my Mercury Safe Dentist Home Page.

I’m positive you will find something of value and it is my hope that it will help educate and motivate you to take control of and responsibility for your oral health. But to take full advantage of my web site I feel you should have a basic understanding of the value and importance of how your oral health is directly related to your overall health. 

Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

Amalgam fillings contain and continuously release mercury as a poisonous vapor! Mercury is the most poisonous, naturally occurring, non-radioactive substance on the planet! There is no safe level of mercury! One atom of mercury is poisonous to your body. That’s right, just one atom! We’re not talking about a truck load of mercury here. We’re talking about a single, minute atom of mercury doing some harm to your body. (An atom is the smallest part of an element that still retains its unique characteristics.) The fact is that:

Eighty percent of the mercury vapor released from amalgam fillings is inhaled. Once inhaled, it passes quickly through the lungs, into and then out of the blood­stream, and accumulates in every cell of the body. As it accumulates, it poisons cells and tissues, particularly the brain and nervous system. My book, The Poison in Your Teeth, will introduce you to mercury—the poison—not mercury the planet, or astrological sign, or the car. After you read the book you’ll understand why mercury is so poisonous and why amalgam fillings are extraordinarily hazardous to your health.

Anyone who is concerned or has questioned whether or not amalgam fillings are a health hazard needs to know the following:

  • There is no safe or harmless level of mercury. Just one atom of mercury is harmful to the body.
  • Amalgam fillings continuously release poisonous mercury vapor.
  • Any form of stimulation that heats an amalgam filling will stimulate the release of mercury vapor.
  • Amalgam fillings are the single greatest source of mercury exposure.
  • The first exposure to mercury from amalgam fillings can occur at the moment of conception.
  • Mercury passes through the placenta to the fetus and through breast milk to the nursing baby.
  • Chronic mercury poisoning can directly and indirectly contribute to and increase the risk and severity of every known disease and health issue.

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Mercury has been implicated in autism and other learning and developmental disorders and I believe that amalgam fillings are the major cause of autism. If you’re a mother, or plan to be one, and want to do everything you can to protect yourself and your child from exposure to mercury, you'll want to know the role amalgam fillings play in these disorders.

If you’ve asked a pro-amalgam dentist to remove your mercury amalgam fillings and he or she says they’re safe and harmless, but you’re still concerned because you’ve heard mercury is a poison, then you'll want to get the factual and scientific evidence of the harm that mercury released from amalgam fillings can cause.

I encourage you to read The Poison in Your Teeth: Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Fillings . . . Hazardous to Your Health! It will provide you with all of the information you'll need to make an informed and intelligent decision about these fillings. You'll also know how you can access Mercury Safe Dentists & Amalgam Free Dentists who use amalgam removal protocols to minimize your exposure to mercury vapor.

Mercury Detoxification

Mercury is a very powerful poison. It is the most toxic naturally occurring substance on earth. It is far more poisonous than lead, arsenic, and cadmium. The body has no need for mercury and there is NO safe or harmless level of it. Even one atom of it will do some damage to your body. It has been scientifically proven that highly toxic elemental mercury is released from amalgam silver dental fillings as a vapor and will, over time, accumulate in your body.

The body does have the ability to remove mercury but in doing so the antioxidants the body uses to remove mercury, other heavy metals, and other toxic substances, are eliminated during the removal process. Eventually the depletion of these important antioxidants means that the body can no longer remove all of the mercury it is daily being exposed to. At this point, it will begin to build up in your body, eventually resulting in numerous symptoms relating to chronic mercury poisoning.

There are many factors that determine how much mercury is released from amalgam fillings and how much will accumulate in your body. Thus, the damage done by mercury will vary from person to person. Even after you have had your poisonous amalgam fillings removed, there will still be mercury in your body and it will continue to negatively affect your health until it is removed. But make no mistake, if mercury is stored in your body you are suffering from chronic mercury poisoning, even if you do not yet have observable symptoms. The fact is that mercury can directly, and indirectly, contribute to or make worse, just about any symptom or health problem you could have. Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body contains all the information you'll need to support your body's efforts to safely and naturally remove mercury from the body. I've developed a line of the essential Mercury Detoxification Supplements to support your mercury detox program.

The Relationship between Oral and Overall Health

However you found my Web site I feel it is important to let you know why it exists and what it will do for you. If you want to: 

  • Eliminate gum disease and tooth decay;
  • Eliminate gum/periodontal surgery;
  • Improve your health and energy;
  • Increase your life expectancy;
  • Find a mercury free and mercury safe dentist;
  • Find an alternative health professional;
  • Utilize the dental hygienist to support your hygiene program;
  • Give the gift of prevention to your children; and
  • Save thousands of dollars in dental repair costs;
  • safely remove mercury from your body;

   Then you’ve come to the right place. 

If these are your goals then my book, Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body: How to Improve Your Oral and Overall Health and the information on my website will allow you to achieve these desirable goals.

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Effects of Dental Disease on Your Health

I’ve devoted over 40 years of my life to educating people about preventing dental disease. When I first started on this mission I was only vaguely aware of just how serious this disease actually was. I knew that because gum disease was an infection it would stress the immune system. But at that time, neither myself nor anyone else, knew just how destructive it was to overall health and how it contributed to other, more serious, health problems.

In the 1970’s, the concept of holistic, or integrative, medicine was in its infancy and specialization in dentistry and medicine was already well established. Specialization has obvious value but one of the disadvantages is that it tends to isolate the body into many distinct parts. But nowhere was this separation more apparent than between the dental and medical communities. At least physicians communicated among themselves and the general practitioner would speak to and refer her patients to other medical specialists.

Oral & Overall Health

On the surface it seemed like this type of specialization was a very good idea, but the problem was that few physicians or dentists ever attempted to bridge the gap between oral and overall health. Thus dentists took control over the mouth and physicians took control of the rest of the body. Somewhat like saying, “you’ve got yours and I've got mine and never the twain shall meet.” 

Over time the gap between the two health professions has widened to the point where constructive communication between the two literally ceased to exist. For example, can you ever remember your physician, or health professional, telling you that you should have a complete oral examination because gum disease and mercury from amalgam fillings will negatively affect your overall health? I doubt it. 

On the other hand, do you ever remember your dentist telling you that you should consult with a physician to determine if you are being poisoned by mercury released from your amalgam fillings? Or, because you have advanced gum disease you should ask your health professional to check the health of your heart? And, did they tell you that if you don’t take the steps necessary to eliminate gum disease and remove toxic mercury-amalgam fillings your overall health will be put at risk and you’ll never achieve optimal health? Once again, I don’t think so. But that is exactly what they should have been doing!

Who Can You Trust with Your Health

Of course one would hope that no one in the medical or dental field would ever consciously do anything that would negatively affect your health. But even if this information wasn’t made available to you because of ignorance, the negative effect on your health would be the same. After all, if your dentist or doctor doesn’t tell you about the direct and important relationship between oral health and overall health how would you ever find out on your own? You pay them to provide this information to you and the direct affect of this communication gap is that the health of tens of millions of people has suffered because of it. Thankfully this situation is changing but you should be aware that there are still a substantial number of health professionals and dentists who are unaware of the relationship between oral and overall health.

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Take Advantage

I encourage you to take advantage of everything that is available on my web site It won’t take you long to search through it and I guarantee you that every minute you spend will be well worth it. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. 

Ultimately my web site, the books and products offered, and the links and resources we make available, will take you to a place of choice, allowing you to decide what is best for your health and the health of your family. This means that you will then cease being a victim and will be able to enjoy the freedom and well being that being in control of your oral health will bring. I wish you well in your pursuit of health and I congratulate you for making the effort to ensure that your life is a healthier and happier one. 

In Health, 


Dr. Tom

Post Script

On a personal note, I felt this would be the most appropriate place to let you know that I’m not lecturing to you. I’ve been a dental victim since I was six years old and even though I’ve eliminated my own gum disease and tooth decay I’m still paying the price for it. I’ve had root canals fail, teeth fracture, and fillings fall out. In short I’ve been a dental victim too and wanted you to know that I learned a long time ago not to preach, judge, blame, or criticize anyone who is suffering with this disease. 

In fact, by the time I was 20 years old I had a mouth full of dental fillings and moderate gum disease. Not because I wanted it but I was never taught dental prevention by any dentist and preventive dentistry was not taught in dental school. In fact it wasn’t until I graduated from dental school and was in my first year of practice that I figured out what I could do about eliminating this insidious disease. Had I not learned how I could treat and prevent this disease I’ve no doubt that I’d have lost all my teeth by now because that was the direction I was going in. 

The Freedom to Choose

It took me four years to learn how to communicate what I learned to my patients and write my first book on preventive dentistry, The Tooth Trip. What I learned from my personal experience, and from consulting with thousands of patients over the past 30 years, is that the vast majority of people with gum disease have it because they were never given a choice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me they’d wished someone had told them what I did earlier. If only they’d known they could actually do something about preventing dental disease. Or, how many times I’ve been thanked for providing them with the information they needed to free themselves of this disease. My philosophy is that until you’ve been given a choice you can’t be blamed for not doing the right thing. 

I can assure you that you will now be provided with all of the information you need to eliminate this destructive disease from your life—forever. I’ve sat in all three dental chairs, that of the patient, the hygienist, and the dentist. I know from many costly and painful experiences that the effort that it takes to free yourself of gum disease and restore your mouth to health and function is well worth the effort. It will also make you healthier and extend your life

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