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Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body: by Tom McGuire, DDS: Excerpted Reviews by Dentists and Dental Hygienists.

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 "Your book is fun to read. It can be described as the beginning of a real 'dental experience.' Would it be possible for our school to obtain a desk copy? We hope to adopt this as a text next fall. We'll look forward to your next successful literary publication!"

                   Ms. Jennifer Housley, RDH - Texas Women's University

 "Congratulations! At last a responsible dentist has taken the initiative in widespread patient education. I am planning to incorporate many of your suggestions. Many thanks for the Book."

                        Marley Sweet, RDH - Syracuse, NY

 "I just finished the book and I can't begin to tell you how really good it is. Your humor is great, the illustrations perfect."

Debbie Sikora, RDH - Sharon, PA

 "I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the book. I hope you sell millions of copies. A delight to read, the drawings superb, and timely lessons for everyone."

Ms. Irene Finer, RDH - Carthage, NY

 "I have read your book and I think it is just great! I am a dental hygienist. I find many patients' questions very easily answered in your informative and easily understood book. Any patient concerned at all about his dental health should definitely read your book.Thank you for your honesty and frankness. You are certainly a credit to the dental profession."

Rickie Kravitz, RDH

 "What a book!  I am now in the process of writing a dental health manual. I plan to use many of your ideas that were brought out in the book. I wish we could afford to buy a copy of your book for everyone on our staff."

Joann McIsaac, RDH - Nampa, ID

 "I just finished reading your book.  Wow!  You've helped me out—your book has been a fantastic aid for me. It makes learning fun and exciting. I hope you continue writing so I can enjoy more of your books.  Thanks so much."

Vickie Hunteman, RDH - Muncie, IN

 "Thank you, your book is just what I've been waiting to see. I have been doing a preventive practice up here in Vermont, and you have made it much easier for us. 

We suggest all of our patients and friends read the book. I got a hold of the book and kept saying 'wow' and 'yeah' throughout the entire thing."

Bill Caplan, DDS - S. Londonderry, VT

 "Last night I attended your lecture here in San Francisco. I believe that in your book and what you are attempting to do in lectures is making the public aware of the value of prevention. What you are doing is very important and much needed."

Michael Hack, DDS - San Francisco, CA

"Thanks much for your new book. It will no doubt be a successful and useful adjunct for many dental-needy folks. The format is very pleasing and should be able to be understood by virtually any audience. Congratulations!"

Jack E. Davies, DDS - Petaluma, CA

 "I had the good fortune to have one of my patients who is studying at the Farleigh Dickenson Marine Biology Laboratory here loan me a copy of your book. She and her boyfriend read it and chose my office on that basis. You and I have the same philosophy of dentistry. Please send me three hardback copies. I want to start a library for my preventive patients."

    Roy V. Green, DDS – Christiansted - Virgin Islands

 "A book to the open minded was long in need and I wish you the best of success."

Don Pomerary, DDS - Denver, CO

 "Just completed reading your delightful book. My preventive therapist picked it up in the airport bookshop last Monday and brought it back to the office. We like to share finds like this.  The women find it very readable. As my youngest assistant said, it's in her type of language. I know, as a dentist myself, I find it very hard to lower my conversational tone for the layman to understand. I enjoy good books on dentistry.  I really enjoyed yours. Thank you very much, Doctor."

Bill J. Coelho, DDS - Merced, CA

 "I am presently teaching Preventive Dentistry at the University of Alabama in Birmingham School of Dentistry. As part of the course materials, I would like to order a copy of your book."

     Lewis Menaker, DDS, ScD - Birmingham, AL

 "I read your book and was totally amazed as to what you stated. It was just as if I had written the book myself. We agree on every aspect down to the minutest detail. I would recommend this book to all my patients."

     Dr. Victor F. Sliwinski, DDS - Sturtevant, WI

 "Your book is really a very good book. It is written in a style easily understood and in a manner that should appeal to the younger person for whom it was intended. It contains an amazing amount of good information covering a lot of ground. I would certainly recommend it."

                         John R. Sones, DDS - Trevose, PA

"Your book is a real revelation of dental information. This was a required book in our dental hygienist course. It is the most meaningful and practical health care book I have ever read. This type of book is long past due to the public. Speaking as a former elementary school teacher, the wife of a practicing physician, and now a student in Midwestern University's dental hygienist school, you have written a helpful guidebook about oral care. Thoughtful use of this book by teachers in elementary and upper grades, as well as for parents, could give all kinds of benefits toward dental health."

    Mrs. Mozelle Sanders - Wichita Falls, TX

 "I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I think all dental assistants should read your book so they will be able to improve their own offices."

       Valerie Warner, Dental Assistant - Portland, OR

 "I just this very moment finished reading your book. The reason I'm writing is to say how much I enjoyed it and what a great benefit it will be to many people. I found your book helpful in many ways, as well as enjoyable."

                                 Bobbie Ohuda, CDA

 "After patiently waiting for your book to come out, I finally purchased a copy today.  I want to tell you that I think it is the greatest book I've seen in quite a long while. I am a dental assistant.  I'm really interested in preventive dentistry. I thank you for your book. I'm going to bring it to the office and share it with as may patients as possible."

Carol Simas, Dental Assistant - Sonoma, CA

 "I just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I keep a copy in our reception room and the doctor is recommending it to our patients."

Tree Core, Dental Assistant - Baton Rouge, LA

 "Someone I met told me about your book when I said that I was a dental assistant.  Your book was much more than I expected. It is fantastic!  The general public needs to know what it seems only the dental profession knows. With more publicity for your book, maybe it is possible. I will do what I can to spread the news around."

Ellen Berry, Dental Assistant - Littleton, CO

 "I can't thank you enough for writing your book. You've given me a tool for use with friends I've been trying to convert to preventative dentistry. Thank you again for writing such a well needed book."

Jeanette Bemis, Dental Assistant - Santa Cruz, CA

 "Just wanted to thank you for your great book. It is not only good reading but very educational. I am teaching dental assisting here at Bakersfield College and I have found the book a very good supplement to the text we are using. I think you'll find sales of the book in Kern County are going up. The students are sharing the book with the doctors they work with, as well as family and friends."

Pat Brenker - Bakersfield College

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