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Gum Disease and Mercury Detoxification Supplements

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Mercury Detoxification and Oral Health Care Supplements

Mercury Detoxification and Gum Disease Supplements


Chronic Mercury Poisoning

Chronic mercury poisoning, from amalgam fillings, and gum infection can contribute to and make worse every health issue we deal with and can shorten life-expectancy. In my effort to help you improve your oral and overall health, I've found a number of vitamins, supplements and products that will help remove mercury and other toxic metals from your body, repair the damage done, and help you treat and eliminate gum disease. Mercury Detox Supplements and Products.

I've also developed a Mercury Detoxification Program that I believe is the safest and most effective way to support your body's efforts at removing mercury and other heavy metals. My newest book, Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body, will explain how to do that and detailed information about these supplements is found in the book. Learn more about Mercury Detoxification. I also offer consultations regarding mercury detoxification. For more information, Mercury Detoxification Consultations with Dr. Tom McGuire.

Gum Disease

The relationship of oral health to overall health is so important that any effort to effectively treat gum disease, and the resultant bone infection, must include patient education, a dental disease prevention program, quality oral health care, vitamins and nutritional supplements. If you now have gum disease I encourage you to take the supplements listed below, but supplements alone will not cure gum disease. Learn more about the critical relationship of Gum Disease to Overall Health. Purchase Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body: How to Improve Your Oral and Overall Health . Learn how to utilize my Dental Disease Prevention Program.

About the Supplements: Quality and Purity

Every supplement I offer is of the highest quality and purity and are manufactured according to the strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and adherence to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards. The facility manufacturing my supplements is certified by NFS International, an independent, third-party certification organization. In addition, the facility is licensed by the State of California and registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Mercury Detoxification and Gum Disease Supplements

L-Glutathione (GSH)

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Selenium (SE)

Free Form Amino Acids

Vitamin C

Multiple Vitamin - Iron Free

Multiple Mineral - Iron Free

Note: For those following my mercury detoxification protocol and who purchase any of these supplements please follow the directions for use of each supplement listed here.

Mercury Detoxification & Gum Disease Supplements

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L-Glutathione: Supplement Facts

Glutathione (GSH) is the body’s most important and prevalent antioxidant. It plays a critical role in neutralizing harmful free radicals, protecting the body from toxic substances, and removing mercury.

It takes two molecules of glutathione to escort one atom of mercury out of the body. This action results in a net loss of the body’s most powerful and critically important antioxidant! The loss of glutathione is accelerated if amalgam fillings are still present because the body not only has to deal with significant amounts of mercury entering it but also trying to remove what has accumulated over time.

For reasons that are unclear, oral glutathione has not been shown to increase the body’s levels of it. But I do believe it is taken up by the cells lining the wall of the intestine, protecting them from the constant onslaught of toxins, including mercury. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) will serve to increase the body's glutathione levels but I still feel GSH is necessary for intestinal health and to help bind free mercury passing through the intestine.

GSH also helps fight gum disease by supporting the immune system and helping to fight infections, neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation.

Amount per Capsule: 150 mg

Capsules per Bottle: 100 Capsules

Directions: 1 Capsule, 2x per Day between Meals

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N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Retail Price: $18.50

Discount Price: $12.00

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N-Acetyl Cysteine: Supplement Facts

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is promoted as the “anti-mercury” supplement because it plays such a vitally important role in supporting the body’s efforts to remove mercury. By itself, NAC is considered to be a powerful antioxidant, but its greatest value to a mercury detoxification program is that it increases the body's production of glutathione (GSH). GSH is the body’s most important and prevalent mercury removing antioxidant.

NAC is the non-toxic, bio-active form of the amino acid cysteine and is readily assimilated into the body from the intestine. Cysteine is the "limiting" factor in glutathione production because is not as abundant in foods as are the other two amino acids that make up GSH, glutamic acid and glycine.

Two molecules of glutathione are permanently lost each time an atom of mercury is removed from the body. Over time, more and more glutathione is lost, resulting in a depletion of this critically important antioxidant. If glutathione isn't replaced by taking NAC, the depletion of GSH continues and, over time, the body is less and less able to remove mercury and deal with harmful free radicals and toxins. This makes NAC is an absolute must for any mercury detoxification program.

Because NAC supports glutathione production it plays an important role in fighting gum disease.

Amount per Capsule: 500 mg

Capsules per Bottle: 90 Capsules

Directions: 1 Capsule, 3 Times per Day with Meals

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Alpha-Lipoic Acid


This Product is no longer available. We recommend the NOW brand of supplements. Their products are available through many online vitamin companies

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is the most biologically active form of Lipoic Acid and is the form that the body produces. A powerful antioxidant and mercury chelator, it is soluble in both fat and water. The fact that mercury has a high affinity for fatty tissue makes alpha lipoic acid one of the most—if not the most—important of the body’s naturally produced chelators of mercury for removing mercury from the brain. Even though ALA may be more effective than glutathione at removing mercury from the brain, the body doesn’t produce nearly as much of it as it does glutathione.

Another quality of ALA is that it can help restore other important antioxidants, such as glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and beta-carotene. It has been shown that the body’s ability to manufacture ALA decreases with age and a great deal of it is lost when removing mercury. This makes supplementing with alpha lipoic acid an essential component of a mercury detoxification program.

Alpha lipoic acid fights infection and inflammation, making it an important supplement in treating gum disease.

Amount per Capsule: 150 mg

Capsules per Bottle: 60 Capsules

Directions: 1 Capsule, 2x per Day with Meals

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Selenium (SE)

This Product is no longer available. We recommend the NOW brand of supplements. Their products are available through many online vitamin companies

Selenium (SE) is a trace mineral. It plays an important role in the production of glutathione, protects heart cells, and is essential to the normal functioning of the immune system. Selenium also functions as a powerful antioxidant, working in conjunction with vitamin E. It’s up to 500 times more potent as an antioxidant than vitamin E and is believed to be a unique chelator of mercury.

It has been suggested that selenium can bind with mercury to form an inert complex. I believe it is important to take adequate amounts of selenium if you still have mercury amalgam fillings as selenium could very well bind with mercury while it transit the blood and before it attaches to anything in the body. Getting enough selenium is critical because when it binds with mercury, selenium can easily become, in effect, depleted and there will not be enough available for it to perform its other vital functions.

My yeast-free form of organically bound selenium is chelated with methionine and is nearly 100% absorbed. Methionine also supports glutathione activity and SE in this form is not adversely affected if taken with vitamin C.

One study showed that low levels of selenium can increase the risk of gum disease by a factor of 13, making selenium an essential supplement for fighting gum disease.

Amount per Capsule: 200 mcg

Capsules per Bottle: 100 Capsules

Directions: 1 Capsule, 2x per Day with Meals

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Free Form Amino Acids

This Product is no longer available. We recommend the NOW brand of supplements. Their products are available through many online vitamin companies.

Most scientists recognize 20 amino acids. Eight of these amino acids are called ‘essential’ because they must be obtained from food sources and cannot be manufactured by the body. But all amino acids are essential for health.

Mercury specifically targets proteins and enzymes that include the sulfur containing amino acids—cysteine and methionine. Because such proteins and enzymes are essential components of many vitally important functions of the body, including hormones and enzymes, I believe that everyone who still has mercury amalgam fillings, or has had them removed, should supplement with a free-form amino acid complex; especially in the early stages of detoxification.

Free-form amino acids are isolated amino acids and aren’t bound together as a protein, thus don’t have to be broken down in the stomach. The fact that individual amino acids are 100% absorbed from the intestine significantly increases the bio-availability of free form amino acids. Vegetarians may be deficient in higher quality protein, those containing the essential amino acids, and thus could become deficient in them over time. I consider them essential to a mercury detoxification program.

Because amino acids are critical for the production of anti-oxidants and healing infections, I consider them an important supplement for treating gum disease.

Suggested Dose: 1 Capsule, 2x per Day Between Meals

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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

This Product is no longer available. We recommend the NOW brand of supplements. Their products are available through many online vitamin companies.




Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a powerful antioxidant that supports the immune system, fights infection, can neutralize free radicals, and is believed to enhance the body’s ability to remove mercury from the blood. It can also indirectly help in eliminating mercury by stimulating the production of glutathione (GSH) and helping to repair damaged glutathione. (GSH is the body’s main defense against mercury and other heavy metals.) This makes it an important supplement for those who still have mercury amalgam fillings and those who are mercury toxic.

Buffered Vitamin C is the mineral ascorbate form of ascorbic acid. My formula contains potassium, calcium and magnesium ascorbate which serve to buffer pure ascorbic acid and reduce its acidity. Mineral ascorbates are less irritating to the gastrointestinal tract and are recommended for those have experienced abdominal pain or diarrhea when taking pure ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C - Buffered also includes minerals and trace elements to help maintain proper acid/base balance. It also includes the potent bioflavonoid quercetin and reduced glutathione, to maximize the action of vitamin C in the body.

Vitamin C is important to the health of connective tissue, of which the gums are made up of. It also fights infection, reduces inflammation and significantly decreases healing time and I consider it a must for anyone with gum disease.

Suggested Dose: Buffered Vitamin C: 2 - 500 mg Capsules, 2x per Day with Meals

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Multiple Vitamin (Iron Free)

Retail Price: $30.50

Discount Price: $23.00

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Multiple Vitamin: Supplement Facts

Every vitamin and mineral is necessary for optimal health, indeed for life itself. Today, a vast majority of people don’t consume a balanced diet and coupled with the stress of modern living, increased exposure to toxic substances, and depleted soil, most diets are deficient in these vital substances. A multiple vitamin supplement will not take the place of a healthful, well-balanced diet, but it will help prevent deficiencies that often arise.

I don’t believe that anyone who had, or still have, mercury amalgam fillings, will get enough of the essential vitamins, minerals and supporting supplements needed to provide the body with everything it needs to effectively remove mercury and repair the damage done to the general body, the brain and central nervous system (CNS). I know that for a mercury detoxification program to be successful you must support your body by providing it everything it needs to do its job.

The damage done by mercury and other toxins taxes the body on many levels, such as weakening the immune system and generating huge amounts of free radicals. It isn’t enough just to take the supplements that remove mercury and I consider a sound multiple vitamin supplement as being the foundation from which to build a safe mercury detoxification upon.

Vitamins don't work in isolation and all depend on each other. This means that to successfully fight gum disease and heal the damage done by it, a multiple vitamin should always be included.

Capsules per Bottle: 180 Capsules

Directions: 2 Capsules, 3x per Day with Meals

Iron Free

(Because those who need to supplement with iron require different dosage, we recommend you add an iron supplement to the Mulit-Vitamin 2.)

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Essential Mineral (Iron Free)

Retail Price: $15.50

Discount Price: $11.00

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Multiple Minerals: Supplement Facts

Minerals are no less important than vitamins in maintaining health. Often, the metals and minerals that mercury has kicked off are flushed from the body. If they’re not replaced it is possible for a deficiency to occur, particularly because as the body attempts to heal the damage done by mercury it will need an adequate supply of minerals. In addition, all minerals are water soluble and the body doesn’t effectively store them, thus it requires them on a daily basis.

The body needs both macro-minerals, such calcium, magnesium and zinc, and what are commonly referred to as “trace minerals”.  These minerals, both metals and non-metals, are needed in tiny amounts—micrograms (mcg), not milligrams (mg). For example, your body requires micrograms of selenium, but milligrams of calcium. As essential as the more common macro-minerals are, many trace minerals play an equally important role in the manufacture and normal function of enzymes and other metabolic processes. They also aid digestion, are needed for the proper assimilation and utilization of vitamins and other nutrients, and are critical to the mercury detoxification process. This mineral formula contains both macro minerals and trace minerals and is iron free.

Minerals are a critical part of enzymes and antioxidants and thus play an important role in fighting infection, minimizing inflammation and healing the damage done by gum disease.

Capsules per Bottle: 100 Capsules

Directions: 2 Capsules, 3x per Day with Meals

Iron Free

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These statements are based on my research, experience and opinion and have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All medical and health related issues should be evaluated by a qualified health practitioner.

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