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Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body

A Book Review by Paul Rubin, DDS      

Tom McGuire, DDS, has written a new book, Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body.  Many of you know Dr. McGuire as the author several years ago of Tooth Fitness & Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body.. This new book is intended to de-mystify this complex subject and provide information and essential concepts in a language that is easy to understand by the layperson.

Although it is written with the layperson in mind, it contains a wealth of information that is useful for any dentist or health professional dealing with this issue.  Mr. McGuire takes the reader step by step through an understanding of mercury detoxification and its complexity, and provides a detailed program that can be followed.  He gives a clear rationale for each step of the program and for each supplement or substance discussed, and emphasizes the importance of caution and careful monitoring.  He also includes a list of references for those who want more background on the science behind his recommendations.

Whether you are already working with knowledgeable, experienced physicians in your area, or are trying to provide biological support and detoxification guidance yourself to your patients, this book can be a valuable tool.  For patients working with a holistic physician, the information in the book can provide helpful background information and understanding about their process, even if the details of their detox program may not be the same as this book describes.  We all know there are a variety of programs and protocols out there.  If the dentist is trying to help his or her patients with this phase of care, this book can be a very valuable resource.  If dentists have been trying to educate physicians in their area, here would be a good chance to provide them with this book for their education (and increase your referrals!).

There’s a good section on various supplements, explaining their action and giving recommended doses and protocols.  Although the book is focused mostly on a do-it-yourself program that a patient can do independently, it also has a section on pharmaceutical chelators and on diagnostic and monitoring tests that involve a physician or dentist involvement.

It’s not likely that there will be universal agreement anytime soon on just what is the best way to do mercury detoxification.  Dr. McGuire isn’t presenting his program as such, and acknowledges that this is an evolving field.  I think this book can be a great resource for whatever level of experience one has, or for any patient that has or ever had amalgam fillings.  If you have not had time to research this subject his book will certainly add to your knowledge base.

This book review was written by Paul Rubin, DDS. – for the IAOMT Newsletter In Vivo.  

About Dr. Tom McGuire, DDS

Dr. McGuire is considered to be a leading authority in holistic dental wellness, mercury amalgam (silver) fillings, chronic mercury poisoning, and mercury detoxification. You can review and purchase Mercury Detoxification on his website, which also has the largest database of Mercury Safe Dentists. Click Here to learn more about Dr. McGuire visit his user-friendly and informative oral health website.

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Dear Tom,

I have your new book, Mercury Detoxification  and have read it. Its is great information. It will be a help to practitioners as well as the public in understanding the issues of mercury toxicity and mercury detoxification. Well done.

The Best,

Jay Dooreck, DDS

Dear Dr. McGuire,

I purchased your mercury detoxification book.  It is great.


Richard F. Edlich, M.D., Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Plastic Surgery, Biomedical Engineering and Emergency Medicine

University of Virginia Health Care System

Dear Dr. Tom,

Thank you for this wonderful compiled book!  I just received it yesterday, and have read the entire book.  I cried.  This has been my life for 3 years, and after going from doctor to doctor, no one could tell me what was wrong with me except that I had MS.  That was NOT acceptable to me, for I had so many symptoms, it just didn't fit "MS" only.  I researched and researched myself, and I have chronic mercury poisoning.  I have 9 amalgams to get removed.  I have been so sick.  This is the worse illness, and nobody knows about it!  It makes me very angry that this poison is sitting in out mouths.  I told my GP doctor, as well as my neurologist, and they looked at me like I was crazy.

I am so glad this book was written on naturally detoxing Hg.  God Bless you all.  Perhaps one day I will write a book as well, so people don't have to go through what I've been through.  Dr. Jay Rosenheck, DDS, in Suwanee, GA will be removing my first quadrant next month.  This brings me hope for healing and recovery from this awful poison! Mercury Detoxification should be in every book store and library in the country!

Be mercury Safe!


Terri Bealle

Dear Dr. McGuire,

I finished your mercury detoxification book!!  It is fantastic! clear and precise and leaves nothing untouched, that's what i liked about it. An expert with a solid description of each part that is written down. That is something i can understand, follow and BELIEVE IN... I think if you've been through what we go thru with those amalgams in, then we can handle practically anything with them out!!   

Again, thanks  for writing it.


Dear Dr. Tom McGuire,

About 2 years ago I became aware of the fact that my silver amalgam fillings were poisoning me and found I had numerous symptoms that were supposed to be related to mercury poisoning. Ever since I’ve been trying to find a source of information about getting this poison out of my system. I found bits and pieces of information about mercury detoxification but they were either to difficult to understand, incomplete, or just sounding plain crazy. A relative told me about your website and your book on mercury detoxification and I immediately purchased it.

I’ve just finished it and found it to be just what I was looking for. I have no background in science but it was so easy to read and best of all, I understood every word. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and I’ve started on your program. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve done. I’ll let you know how it all turns out, if you would like to know that is. Once again, thank you!!!!

My best wishes to you,

S. Wallach

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