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Tom McGuire, DDS: Oral Health Books Reviewed by the Media

 "This great book is first of all fun to read. Dr. Tom has a casual, easy-to-read style and a good sense of humor. Secondly, it has everything you ever wanted to know about your teeth, their care and feeding. Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body is undoubtedly the best book ever written on preventive dental care."

—Nutrition News

"Dr. McGuire's incredible first book, The Tooth Trip, saved my teeth. Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body
is even better and should be in every home."

—Don Gerrard, Editor, The Bookworks 

"I kept wanting to jump up and brush my teeth every five minutes as I was reading it."

—Do Mi Stauber, Indexing Services

"A painless laugh-while-you-learn handbook that explains everything you need to
know to have healthy teeth and gums."

—KSB Links, Ada, MI

"The book is written in plain English, with humor and common sense, and there are
drawings to help you see what's what. Among the many making-do/self-help books,
this is surely one of the most needed, and potentially, one of the most useful."

—SR of Books

"It could save any family thousands of dollars if the advice, presented with
rare good humor, is followed."

—The Home News, New Brunswick, NJ

"You can find out everything you've ever wondered about dental care. Healthy Teeth is a very, very, well written book. It is well put together and written in plain English
so everyone can understand it."

—Gary Block, KTLF, Little Falls, MN

"Dr. McGuire presents readers with a program of how to maintain healthy teeth and
gums for a lifetime, in an easy-to-read style."

—Dental Products Report

"Makes reading about tooth and gum care not only painless but amusing."

Publisher's Weekly

"This original gleams like a well-polished canine among the hundreds of
fast-buck handbooks . . . It is useful and valuable and ought to be in all homes."

San Diego Union

"Healthy Teeth is a great book and I highly recommend it to my clients. It's very
informative and easy to read."

—Kary Nosler, Nutritional Consultant and host of Life Beat

"Healthy Teeth is a practical and informative book on preventive dental care. It's like
having two books in one."

—Let's Live

"Healthy Teeth really addresses the concerns and problems of today and suits the
culture's growing stake in health and fitness."

—Hal Hershey, Fifth Street Press

"A light, even hilarious tone pervades the work, yet it's deadly serious. Cartoons...are pertinent and confirmatory. The joint product could start a dental revolution. It's about time."

Detroit Free Press

"Anyone who follows McGuire's path to prevention will find himself well into a wellness regimen of nutritional awareness."
—The High Level Wellness Honor Roll of Books

"In a casual, un-jargoned style, Dr. McGuire explains how to examine your teeth and
gums . . . it is a manual of preventive dentistry you can learn at home...the price of the book is a mere pittance compared with the holes in your pocket that have been burned by the holes in your teeth."

Village Voice

"Actually, McGuire's easy going and relaxing way and general good sense make this
much more than a run of the mill health care book. Being entertaining as well as
informative makes this a book you can really get your teeth into."

The Hartford Times

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