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The effect of oral health on overall health, the release of mercury vapor from amalgam (silver) fillings, the effects of mercury on health, and mercury detoxification are well documented. The content of this Website is based on the personal experience of Tom McGuire, DDS other health professionals, and from scientific literature. Dr. McGuire makes no medical or special claims, nor does he attempt to diagnose or treat any ailment, dental or medical. This material is not intended as medical advice and he does not encourage, or support, self-diagnosis. The information presented on these Web pages is intended solely to be educational in nature and is not intended as a basis for diagnosis or treatment. Every individual is unique and no method of treatment will work for everyone and we make no special claims or guarantees regarding our suggestions or ideas. 

Furthermore, it is the readers' responsibility to verify all personal observations through consultation with a licensed dentist, dental hygienist, physician, or other qualified health professional. Dr. McGuire realizes that individuals, dentists, and health professionals may have differing and even conflicting views, with regard to his opinions and ideas. 

Dr. McGuire does not recommend changing any current treatment, or medications, or initiating any new therapies without consulting with a qualified dentist or health professional. Dr. McGuire disavows any responsibility for any adverse effects, or outcomes, resulting from the use of any supplements, remedies, preparations, techniques, procedures, products, or suggestions contained on this Website and in his books.