How to Prevent Gum Disease & Tooth Decay

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Gum Disease Prevention Program: Why the Program Works

To be successful, a dental disease prevention program must not only educate, but permanently change attitude and behavior. Extensive research has proven that if any wellness program is to be effective the following elements must be present:

  • Provide information that is easily understood and readily accessible; 
  • Be motivational;
  • Generate awareness that the problem is serious and harmful to one's health;
  • Demonstrate that solutions are obtainable through self-care; 
  • Provide a method of self-examination; and           
  • Provide a support system that monitors and reinforces the participant’s efforts. 

As you will discover, my Dental Disease Prevention Program contains all the elements necessary to make it successful. But no matter how well an education program is designed it will only work if you are totally committed to it. The next section, How to Use It will serve as the Program Guide and teach you how to use my book to accomplish your goal of oral health.

Remember - You Don't Have to Take Care of All of Your Teeth - Just the Ones You Want to Keep!!!!!

Gum Disease Prevention Program: How to Use It