Mercury Safe Dentist Education Add-Ons

Most Dentists who are mercury safe and mercury free do not provide their patients with enough information about mercury safe dentistry on their websites. This lack has far reaching side-effects, both for the dentist/staff and patients. Here are a list of just some of the problems that result from not having a source of information about the philosophy and approach of the mercury safe dentist readily available to patients on the dentist's website.

  • Generates More Patients: Patients coming to the dentist's website may not find enough information to convince them this dentist is the one for them
  • Saves Dentist and Staff Time: Dramatically increases the amount of time the receptionist and staff must take to answer patient questions that would be answered if this information was easily available on their website.
  • Stand Out from the Competition: The dentist who has user-friendly information about the questions patients looking to find a dentist to safely remove their amalgam fillings will stand-out from the competition.
  • Increases Search Engine Exposure: Adding a specific page to their website will give the dentist more search engine exposure in this critically important area.

Why Don't Dentists Provide this Essential Patient Information on their Websites

Basically it is the cost of generating this information and the extensive time involved in putting it on their websites. Most dentists do not have the time it would take to research and write the material necessary to address the questions patients have about this topic. Then there is the cost involved to have a website person add this material to their websites. Plus the additional time spent working with a web person to design and layout the material. Dentists don't have enough time in their day to do dentistry, let alone produce this information.

What is the Solution

The solution to this problem is to access this information from a credible 3rd party source. This accomplishes many things. 

The dentist doesn't have to re-invent the wheel as this information is now available from Dr. Tom McGuire. Dr. McGuire is the leading authority on mercury safe dentistry, mercury detoxification, mercury amalgam silver fillings, and holistic dental prevention. He is now offering information on these topics to dentists in a way that can be instantly added to their website. 

The dentist will have numerous Education Add-On Options to choose from and once chosen it will only take a few minutes of his/her time to add it to their websites.