Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body: Excerpts from Book

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Not only is Mercury Detoxification a factual and informative book, it is also extraordinarily easy to read and understand. Even if you knew nothing about safe mercury detoxification prior to reading the book you will understand the concept when you finish it. This exceptional book will take you through every step of the process of how to initiate a natural mercury detoxification program that is specifically designed to remove mercury from the body and support your overall health.

Mercury Detoxification was written for everyone who understands that the mercury released from amalgam dental fillings is hazardous to their health and who chooses to eliminate the main source of mercury exposure — amalgam (silver) fillings. It’s also for those who have already had these toxic fillings taken out and now want to have the accumulated mercury safely removed from their bodies. I enthusiastically recommend this book to all my patients and to anyone who wants to detoxify mercury from their body.

In Health,

Elson M. Haas, MD

Integrated Medicine Physician

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Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body will show you how to support your body’s efforts at removing mercury in the safest, most effective, and most natural way possible. If this is your first experience with a mercury detoxification program this book will be an invaluable guide to this important health building process. It will also be beneficial if a previous attempt at detoxifying mercury did not achieve the desired results, or you’re now participating in another detoxification program and need more information than you’ve been provided.

 Chapter 1: Understanding Mercury Detoxification

Mercury Detoxification explains every aspect of this critically important process. It approaches mercury detoxification in the safest and most natural way possible. This insures that any possible undesirable side-effects will be reduced or eliminated. The goal of my program is to support—and ultimately improve—your body’s own extraordinary ability to effectively remove mercury. Most people aren’t aware that the body has this ability, but as you will read, if the exposure is too great it becomes less and less effective at removing it—unless it receives support from you. When it comes to safely and naturally removing mercury from the body, the more you know about the detoxification process, the better off you’ll be.

Chapter 2: Mercury Detoxification from A to Z

To fully understand the value and importance of a safe mercury detoxification program I feel it is essential to have the basic information about how destructive chronic mercury poisoning can be to your health. If your interest goes beyond this brief introduction more detailed information will be found on my website. You can participate in a mercury detoxification program without this knowledge but once you realize just how insidious and damaging this poison is to your health, you’ll be even more motivated to commit to the program.

Chapter 3: Additional Support for Your Mercury Detoxification Program

As you now know, if the body is exposed to more mercury or other harmful substances than it can handle, or if it’s deficient in the vital antioxidants needed to detoxify and remove these substances, or both, a build up of mercury and other toxins will occur. Therefore, if the body is to be successful at removing mercury, the following conditions must be in place:

  • The body must be provided with all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to manufacture enough antioxidants, and other substances, necessary to rebuild and maintain its defense system against the continuous onslaught of mercury, toxins, free radicals, and other toxic metals.
  • The detoxification pathways and organs of elimination must be healthy and functioning properly.
  • The source of the toxic substance must be removed, or reduced to manageable levels.
  • The body must be provided with the supplements and nutrients it needs to repair the damage done to it by mercury.

Chapter 4: What You Need to Know about Vitamins

Although more people than ever are taking vitamin supplements, I realize that there will be many who may be new to using them. Therefore, I want to make sure that I provide a basic background in vitamin supplementation. (If you’re very familiar with them, you can skip this section and move on to the next.)

The vitamins included in my detoxification program are not only designed to support your body’s efforts to remove mercury, but to insure that your body has everything it needs to prevent and fight disease and sustain health. They also support your immune and detoxification systems. While this program is specifically designed to target  and remove mercury, all the vitamins and supportive products I recommend have many other important health building benefits.

All of my recommended vitamins and mineral supplements—are covered in this chapter. I also discuss their specific role and value in supporting a mercury detoxification program, my recommended dosages, and possible side-effects.

Chapter 5: What You Need to Know about Nutritional Supplements

This Chapter describes supplements that aren’t considered vitamins or minerals but are essential to overall health and provide much needed nutritional support for a mercury detoxification program. These include, glutahione, n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), alpha lipoic acid, free form amino acids, MSM, co-enzyme Q 10, milk thistle (silymarin), and digestive enzymes.

It also discusses the value and importance of herbs and foods, such as whey, chlorella, cilantro, garlic, pro-biotics, and fiber. In addition, this chapter discusses homeopathic therapy and the importance of zeolite (NCD) for the detoxification program.

Included in this Chapter is an excellent chart that lists all of the supplements recommended in the program, compares them with the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and therapeutic dosages used for acute situations; along with special instructions. Finally, if you still have mercury amalgam silver fillings, it recommends supplements to take on the days you will have these fillings removed.

Chapter 6: Support for the Intestine and Brain

A number of the supplements I use in my mercury detoxification program play a multiple role. They not only help remove mercury safely from the body and sustain overall health but also support the intestine and nourish the brain. As important as it is to remove mercury from your body, a detoxification program won’t be completely successful unless your intestine is supported and the damage done to your general body and brain is reversed—to the extent possible.

Chapter 7: The Program Guide

Whether details bore you or excite you, everyone will appreciate this chapter. Here I lay out the entire program step-by-step and those who only want the bare essentials will find them here.

You now understand the basics of a mercury detoxification program. This is equivalent to knowing everything about how a car works and now it’s time to get behind the wheel and drive. I’ve made everything as easy as possible, with charts, schedules, and step-by-step descriptions to guide you through the process of naturally and safely removing mercury from your body.

Chapter 8: Monitoring Your Program

Monitoring your progress, by both subjective and objective testing is another innovative aspect of my mercury detoxification program. This testing helps you, and any supporting heath professional, review your progress and determine if the dosage of certain supplements need to be adjusted or added—or if any other changes need to be made. It can also help gauge how long the program should last.  

But keep in mind that ultimately the key to any successful detoxification effort is to fully comply with the program. If you do this, your body will soon tell you how well it is working, regardless of whether you monitor it or not. Even if you decide not to monitor your program, the benefits you receive from participating in the program will still occur.  

Chapter 9: Understanding Pharmaceutical Chelators

If you’d like to explore using a pharmaceutical chelator, it’s important for you to find a health professional or dentist well-versed in their use as this will be a decision you will have to make with his or her support. A number of pharmaceutical chelators are available for removing mercury from the body and all require a prescription. If the choice is made to include chelation therapy (the term most commonly used for this type of procedure) I believe it will be very useful for you to understand the basic concept of pharmaceutical chelation.

Health professionals have differing opinions about whether pharmaceutical chelators are needed and which one is best. I believe that the right pharmaceutical chelator can be beneficial for some people. In fact, it’s the only substance I discuss the possible use of that isn’t natural. This chapter will cover the following topics:

  • Kinds of pharmaceutical chelators
  • Comparing DMSA and DMPS
  • Kidney testing
  • Urine challenge test
  • DMSA tolerance testing
  • DMSA detoxification protocol

Chapter 10: Oral and Overall Health

I’m confident that you are now well aware of the harmful effects that mercury vapor from amalgam fillings can have on your overall health. But a number of other oral health conditions, treatments, and dental materials can also contribute to many ailments and diseases and can be formidable obstacles to achieving optimal health. The most important of these are:

  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Infected root canals
  • Infected tooth extraction sites (cavitations)
  • Other diseases of the oral cavity
  • Fluroide
  • Non-compatible dental materials

Dental disease can no longer be thought of as a minor problem of the gums and teeth. The fact is, unless you know for certain that you’re free of all of the above oral heath problems, one or more of them could contribute to, or make worse, any existing health problem. How severely these oral diseases and conditions will impact your overall health depends on a number of factors.

Chapter 11: A Message from Dr. Tom

I've covered a lot of ground and you should be commended for taking the time to read this material and participate in a safe and natural mercury detoxification program. After all, knowledge is power, and you’ve acquired a great deal of it.

My role has been to present accurate information in a way that’s easy to understand but you are the one who plays the most important role in this process. Without information you will never have a real choice, and without a real choice, you will continue to be a victim.

No one can wave a magic wand over you to make the mercury in your body instantly disappear. You can’t wish it away and it won’t do you any good to spend a lot of time and energy blaming anyone. You have to commit to the program and stay involved with it if it is to work. The key to its success will be how well you comply with the program. You will also need to fully understand that improvements won’t happen overnight and so you will also have to be patient and persevere.

You are making an important health decision and I don’t believe that you should leave it to anyone else to make for you. Taking responsibility for your oral health and overall health is an important and positive step on the road to optimal physical, emotional, and psychological health. I can assure you that your body will be overjoyed at the support you are providing it.

I applaud your efforts and wish you the very, very best.

In health,


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Appendix A: A Short-Cut to Mercury Detoxification

I want to go on record as saying I don’t recommend the short-cut approach to detoxification because everything in this book is here for a reason. Although the short-cut will provide you with the minimal information you need to participate, other important information could “slip through the cracks”. While the short-cut program is better than not participating at all, I’m always concerned that a lack of understanding regarding the mercury detoxification process could lead to frustration and a decline in motivation; leading to a less than satisfactory outcome.

But if you who wish to avoid reading one more word than you have to, but still hope to get mercury safely out of your body and improve your overall health and well being, the following chart will act as a Short-Cut Guide to my Mercury Detoxification Program. This is the minimal amount of information you will need to understand the program and you will still need to take the supplements and follow the schedule. So don’t expect to short-cut the short-cut and get away with it.

Appendix B: Mercury Related Symptoms and Diseases

Following is a list of symptoms most commonly associated with chronic mercury poisoning. This list will help you determine if you have or are experiencing symptoms and diseases related to chronic mercury poisoning. It will also help you design your Subjective Symptom Chart. Because of the numerous indirect affects of mercury on overall health, I believe this list could be much longer.

Appendix C: Improvements in Symptoms Related to Chronic Mercury Poisoning

For a mercury detoxification program to be successful it involves two distinct stages. The first is to have mercury amalgam fillings safely removed and replaced. The second is participating in a safe mercury detoxification program. Studies have indicated that there can be significant improvements in related symptoms from both removing the source and participation in a mercury detoxification program. I am including the results of studies that give examples of each.

There is no guarantee that any of the symptoms you have that are related to chronic mercury poisoning will improve to the extent shown in the studies below. However, I do think it is important to know that these symptoms can and do improve once the source of the poison has been removed and by participation in a mercury detoxification program.

Appendix D: Commonly Used Tests for Mercury

Other than the fecal metals test there are a number of commonly used tests for mercury, including urine, blood, and hair. This chapter discusses these tests and provides you with information necessary to understand their use and value.

Appendix E: Testing for Mercury Allergy

The MELISA® test (Memory Lymphocyte Immuno Stimulation Assay) measures hypersensitivity to numerous metals, including mercury. At the time of this publication this was the only scientifically proven test of its kind. MELISA® measures reactivity to toxic metals by placing a series of metals into contact with the white blood cells of the person to be tested and then monitoring the reaction.

Test results will enable you and your health professional to confirm or eliminate the possibility that you’re allergic to mercury or other heavy metals. This test would be useful if you have, or had mercury amalgam fillings and also have allergies that haven’t been diagnosed—or haven’t adequately responded to treatment. It’s possible that you’ve not accumulated enough mercury in your body to manifest typical symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning but if you’re allergic to mercury, even small amounts released from your fillings could trigger an allergic reaction, and its related symptoms.

Appendix F: Autism

We know that chronic mercury poisoning, from amalgam (silver) fillings, has a harmful direct and indirect affect on all aspects of our health. But I believe that chronic mercury poisoning plays an even greater role in autism and I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on it here. Even if you or your family have not been touched by this heartbreaking syndrome I know you will find it worth reading.

Entire books have been written, deservedly so, on autism but I will just briefly focus on the role mercury, particularly from amalgam fillings, plays in this disturbing problem. I will expand on this in an upcoming book, and more detailed information about it will soon be available on my website.

I am writing this primarily for women who are planning to have children. My sincere hope is that it will stimulate those women to seriously consider having poisonous amalgam fillings safely removed prior to becoming pregnant. I also hope it will stimulate those who are more directly involved with, or have an interest, in autism, at any level, to look at the role mercury (from amalgam fillings) plays in the cause and severity of autism in a new way.

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Appendix G: Helpful Charts and Forms

I realize that you may not be used to taking the number of supplements recommended in my mercury detoxification program. Keeping track of what to take, how many to take, and when to take them can be difficult and frustrating. Too much difficulty in this area can lead to a lack of compliance and following the supplementation protocol is one of the most important elements to the success of my detoxification program.

To help insure that you’ll adhere to your program, I have invented a system that makes keeping track of supplements very easy—my Supplement Schedule Charts. If you use my charts you won’t have to rely on your memory to keep track of what you should take, how much, and how often. Remember, if you don’t take the supplements as recommended, the program may not achieve the desired results.

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Appendix H: Health Maintenance Program

Earlier in the book I spoke about the fact that my program can be modified to become a health maintenance program after it has served its purpose in helping your body remove stored mercury. Because the program is health building it will, with some minor modifications, be used to keep you healthy and to insure your body is getting what it needs to fight off other toxins, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

Appendix I: Intravenous (IV) Therapy

The simple definition of intravenous (IV) infusion therapy is supplying the body with various substances directly into the bloodstream through a vein. If you’re working with a health professional who is well-versed in all aspects of mercury detoxification he/she may recommend including infusions in your program.

What to use, how often to use it, and what to combine it with, will depend on your state of health, tolerance, and the type(s) of health issue(s) you’re now dealing with. My approach to infusions is the same one I take with all other aspects of the program; start low and go slow. (Of course there may be situations where a rapid and intense IV therapy program may be necessary and that will be up to your and your physician to determine.)

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Appendix J: Testing Laboratories

A number of excellent testing laboratories are available. I provide a list of the laboratories I recommend along with the specific tests they excel at. There are other laboratories and your health professional may have his or her own preference.

Appendix K: Resources

There are many sources of information about mercury detoxification and related subjects. I've included a list of those that I feel support my program and provide additional information that will support your effort to achieve optimal health and well-being. I will keep the references updated on my web site.

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