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Why Add Fluoride to Drinking Water?

The previous section was only a brief description of the side effects of fluoride and as you can see, it isn’t very user friendly. This begs the question that if even small amounts of fluoride are so hazardous to one’s health, why would anyone want to put such a poisonous substance into a public water system? 

I believe there are two answers to that question. The first was a well-intended effort to use fluoride as a type of vaccine that prevents tooth decay. I’m sure it sounded like a very noble idea to dentists and local governments at the time it was introduced, but its value and safety has not withstood the test of time—or science. 

The second reason is more sinister because it involves finding a use for the large amounts of fluoride that is produced as a by-product of phosphate fertilizer production and aluminum production. I can just hear the marketing department of aluminum manufacturers trying to figure out a way to get rid of this highly poisonous substance and make some money in the process. Promoting it as an anti-decay product by putting it into municipal water systems was just the kind of profitable solution they were looking for. This group has always been a proponent of water fluoridation. 

Fluoride and Tooth Decay

I wouldn’t be so critical of water fluoridation if fluoride wasn’t a poison and if it actually prevented tooth decay. But it is a poison and it doesn’t prevent tooth decay. It may reduce it in some people but it doesn’t prevent it. In addition, once the enamel crowns of the teeth has formed, usually by the age of 15, fluoridated water ceases to have a value in preventing tooth decay. Thus, any amount of fluoride you ingest is unnecessary and depending on how much water you take in, potentially a health hazard. 

I also wouldn’t be so critical of fluoride use if everyone had a choice and it wasn't forced upon people via their water supply. This takes on even more significance when you realize it serves no purpose after the age of 15, yet you are still forced to drink it—unless you choose to install a filter or buy purified water. 

The only area where I feel fluoride has a value in preventing decay while eliminating its exposure to the body is dentally applied topical fluoride treatments. But with the advent of dental sealants to help reduce decay you now have another choice. 

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