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DVD Course Announcement

February 2011
Dr. Tom McGuire


Is your Practice Mercury-Safe?


 Announcing New Directions Dentistry's DVD Course


How to Make Your Practice Mercury-Safe: Minimizing Occupational Exposure to Mercury in the Dental Office. 
The DVD is presented by two of the world's leading authorities on Mercury-Safe Dentistry, Dr. Tom McGuire and Dr. Paul Rubin. This unique DVD Course is the only one of its kind available to dentists and includes everything you need to know about minimizing occupational exposure from toxic mercury vapor for yourself, your staff, your patients, and the environment.  To learn more about the DVD Course, the benefits of owning the DVD, and why you should make certain your office is Mercury-Safe Click Here. 

Why a DVD Course?

Live seminars have significant limitations . . . limitations that a DVD Course eliminates:

  • Attending a live seminar is much more expensive than a DVD Course and is limited in the number of people who can attend. 
  • Seminars mean extended travel time.
  • High cost of travel and its related expenses, including lodging and meals.
  • High cost minimizes staff participation. 
  • Lost production is also a factor when it comes to attending live seminars.

Benefits of a DVD Course

  • The DVD Course is an excellent way to cost-effectively educate existing and new staff.
  • The DVD Course can be viewed as often as you like, at the office or at home.
  • The DVD can be use to educate your patients. 
  • For a list of other DVD Course benefits Click Here.

Ultimately, the greatest benefit is that the DVD Course was produced and presented by the two most recognized and trusted authorities on Mercury-Safe Dentistry, Dr. McGuire and Dr. Rubin.  While there may be others who endeavor to imitate what they have produced, their experience and expertise simply cannot be duplicated.  If you are presented with other options, we encourage you to compare what they offer with this DVD Course before making your decision.  To learn more about Dr. McGuire or Dr. Rubin Click Here.


Unique Marketing Opportunity

Another unique advantage of the DVD Course not offered anywhere else, is that it also shows you how making your practice Mercury-Safe will Generate New Patients and Increase Revenues. Dr. McGuire, an expert on Marketing and Growing a Mercury-Safe Practice, presents his marketing insights on the DVD. Thus, doing the right thing by making your practice mercury-safe can also be very financially rewarding.


Expand your Internet Presence

The DVD Course also shows you how to maximize your Internet Presence. Today, 70% of those looking for a Mercury-Free (amalgam-free) and Mercury-Safe Dentist finds them on the Internet. On the DVD Dr. McGuire demonstrates how a listing on his #1 Ranked Mercury-Safe Dentist Internet Directory is guaranteed to Generate New Patients and Increase Revenues. To learn more about the benefits of being listed, please visit


Ordering the DVD

NDD DVD The DVD Course....How to Make Your Practice Mercury-Safe was filmed live by Dr. Tom McGuire and Dr. Paul Rubin at their seminar in Portland, OR.  It is available in two formats. 
A 3-Disc DVD set can be played on a DVD player and viewed on a TV Screen.  It also can also be played on a computer with a DVD Drive.  The audio and visual resolution is better than the Single Disc. To order the 3-Disc DVD Set Click Here.
The Single Disc DVD can only be played on a computer with a DVD Drive. To order the Single Data DVD Click Here

The DVD Course also Qualifies for 6 Hours of Continuing Education (CE) Credits.

Dr. Tom McGuire is one of the leading authorities on Mercury Amalgam Fillings, Chronic Mercury Poisoning, Mercury Detoxification, and Holistic Dental Wellness. He is the author of the best-selling books, The Poison in Your Teeth, Mercury Detoxification and Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body. He has the largest and most visited website dealing with these topics and offers a wealth of information to help you educated your patients on these subjects. Visit    

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