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May 2011


Dr. Tom McGuire



Dr. Tom McGuire's OraMD Dentist Referral Program

Generate Revenue by Promoting a
100% Natural Liquid Toothpaste


OraMD: A Unique 3 in 1 Oral Health Care Product. OraMD is a liquid toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener - all in one. It's a 100% pure and natural, proprietary blend of 3 essential oils; peppermint, spearmint and almond. It has exceptional anti-bacterial properties, is fluoride free, and contains no additives or preservatives.

I've used it for years and it's the only oral health care product I endorse. Because I feel so strongly about its effectiveness, I worked with OraMD to develop a Dentist Referral Program. The program we designed will not only make OraMD readily available to your patients but provide you with the easiest possible way to earn commissions on sales of OraMD - with minimal time involvement and no start-up costs or fees of any kind.   


Benefits of the Dentist Referral Program
There are many benefits of participating in the Referral Program:


Everything is Done for You
Over the years I've been encouraged to promote a number of oral health care products. I tried a few but none worked, primarily because they took way too much of my time, were too complex or difficult to understand and participate - plus all had hidden costs and fees.

I practiced dentistry long enough to know that time is of the essence and I had none to waste. When I began my discussion with the CEO of Trusted Health Products (parent company of OraMD) I told him that while his product was special; I wouldn't consider promoting it to dentists unless he was willing to commit to . . .


  • The quality of the product.
  • Providing a 100% money-back guarantee for the patient.
  • Providing outstanding customer service and support for participating dentists.
  • Making participation in the program easy and completely hassle free for both patients and dentists.
I've worked with Trusted Health for 5 years and when he gave me his commitment I knew it would be honored.
  • Promotes your practice by recommending natural products.
  • Increases the effectiveness of your oral hygiene program.
  • Increases patient referrals.
  • Excellent source of passive and ongoing income.
  • No inventory to carry and no shipping costs to you
  • Extraordinarily easy to join.
  • Easy to track sales and commissions.
  • Absolutely NO signup or monthly fees, or other hidden costs.
  • Product shipped world-wide.

Let Your Patients Decide

I know you'd like to recommend healthy and natural oral health care products and now you have a great opportunity to do so. We can't make the decision for our patients but we can give them a choice and I know the majority of your patients will be very happy with OraMD. Given the 100%, unconditional, Money-back, guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. We also offer suggestions about how to easily introduce it at your office in a way that works for both you and your patients.

What's Next

If you are interested in participating in the OraMD Dentist Referral Program I have provided links (below) to the Referral Program website where you can learn more about it and signup. Keep in mind that the most essential elements of this program are that it is a 100% natural product, it works, your time commitment is minimal, and will generate significant passive income! If you have any questions about it please contact me at 800-335-7755 or the Dentist Referral Program Representative at 1-888-423-7500.

OraMD Dentist Referral Program Links
There are many benefits of participating in the Referral Program (Click on the links below for more information):


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