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IAOMT Spring Meeting Specials Extended April 2011


Dr. Tom McGuire



Did You Miss Us at the IAOMT Meeting in St. Louis?

A Note From Dr. Tom:

Having participated in IAOMT Conferences both as an attendee and an exhibitor, I've found that there just never seems to be enough time to do everything you want to. I've learned that not all attendees had a chance to stop by our booth and those who did may not have had an opportunity to talk with us. This situation was made worse by the fact that the exhibitors had to leave the exhibit hall very early, preventing any visits after the last lecture.

I felt the best way to compensate for the lack of exhibitor time is to extend our IAOMT Spring Meeting Specials. I will extend all our offers until April 30, 2011 giving you an extra month to take advantage of what we offered at the conference.

The list of products we offered at the meeting are listed below. To obtain your discount you only have to call our office and we'll take care of everything for you.

Dr. Tom McGuire's Mercury-Safe Dentist Internet Directory

Because his websites are ranked #1 by Google and other major search engines, people searching for mercury-safe dentists will find his sites and, "through us - they will find you!" A listing on Dr. Tom's site will: Increase Your Internet Exposure - Generate New Patients - Increase Revenues

Annual Listing Fee $350 - IAOMT Conference Special $300

Visit www.mercurysafedentistdirectory.com

Margeting and Growing

New! Dr. Tom's Marketing Program: Marketing & Growing a Mercury-Safe Practice-FREE to our Members!
Dr. Tom has developed a marketing program designed to easily and cost-effectively promote a Mercury-Safe dental practice. The program is guaranteed to generate new patients and increase revenues. It includes a step-by-step reference Binder, the Marketing Program DVD, Booklets and two of Dr. Tom's books. Review the online version at www.marketmercurysafedentists.com
 Free to IAOMT Members

($15 shipping and handling fee.)



Dr. Tom's Books - Essential Practice Building and Educational Books...
Dr. Tom's books are designed to educate your patients. They are also a key component of his Marketing Program and can be used to generate new patients. Each book is easy to read, informative, well-documented and will eliminate the time your office needs to educate your patients about these subjects. Dr. Tom's educational book series include his best selling books:

Healthy Teeths Healthy Body

Amalgam Book

Merc Detox

  • "Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body" - How to improve your oral and overall health
  • "Mercury Detoxification" - The natural way to remove mercury from your body
  • "The Poison In Your Teeth" - Mercury amalgam (silver) fillings...hazardous to your health
 IAOMT members will get quantity discounts on all book orders
NDD DVD Is Your Dental Practice Fully Mercury-Safe?

If you want to make certain, then our DVD Course: How to Make Your Practice Mercury-Safe is for you! It is the only DVD of its kind available to dentists and will teach you how to protect yourself, your patients, your staff and the environment from excessive and unnecessary occupational exposure to mercury.

Visit www.newdirectionsdentistry.com

Retail: $295 - IAOMT Conference Special Offer: $195


OraMD: A Unique and All Natural 3 in 1 Oral Health Care Product - Earn 25% Commission

This is the only oral health care product that Dr. Tom endorses.  OraMD is a liquid toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener - all in one. It's a 100% pure and natural, proprietary blend of 3 essential oils; peppermint, spearmint and almond. It has exceptional anti-bacterial properties, is fluoride free, and contains no additives or preservatives. I use it and recommend it. 

Dr. Tom is offering an exclusive and unique Dentist Referral Program that will not only make OraMD readily available to your patients but provide you with the easiest possible way to earn 25% commission on sales of OraMD. Call us at 800-335-7755 and we'll send you free samples.  Go to Dentist Referral Program Benefits to learn the many benefits of participating in this program.


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