Dental Disease and Health Risks - Introduction - Page 2

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Dental Disease & Its Effect on Your Health

A number of dental issues can negatively affect your overall health. It is important to note that of the six I’ve listed here, five of them are the direct result of dental disease and are preventable. The most important of these in regard to their impact on your health are: 

  • Mercury amalgam fillings;
  • Periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay;
  • Infected root canals;
  • Cavitations (Jawbone Infections);
  • Reactions to dental materials;
  • Fluoride; and
  • Other diseases of the oral cavity. 

Gum Disease, Mercury-Amalgam Fillings and Overall Health

All of these dental/oral issues can negatively affect your health and, ultimately, your life-expectancy but for the majority of people the chronic mercury poisoning related to mercury amalgam, silver, fillings and gum disease will be the most destructive to overall health. Their impact is determined by the seriousness of each condition, its duration, and how many of the above dental problems are active at the same time. Thus, some individuals may be dealing only with problems related to gum infections or mercury amalgam fillings, but there will be those whose health will be compromised by all of the above dental issues. Of course, the more of them you have the greater the impact they will have on your overall health. (For more information on the harmful effect of mercury amalgam fillings I recommend that you read about the relationship of Mercury Amalgam Fillings to Chronic Mercury Poisoning

In the next section, The Damage it Does, I’ll explain why dental disease can be so hazardous to your oral and overall health and how it does its damage.