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The Mouth--Body Connection: The Relationship of Oral to Overall Health


The Mouth—Body Connection





The Relationship of Oral to Overall Health




Tom McGuire, DDS



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Do you want to feel better, have more energy, live longer, and enjoy your life to the fullest? Well, it’s possible—but it cannot happen without good oral health. No matter what else you do to improve your overall health, you won’t achieve your goal until you fully understand how oral health can affect your overall health. Once you do you can then take the necessary steps to restore your oral health. I will provide you with the resources you will need to take those steps.

“OK, you’re curious, but just how does oral health correlate to improving overall health and increasing your life expectancy?” Any attempt to answer that question must begin with the fact that healthy people live longer! Most experts in the field of longevity believe that a longer and healthier life is commonly attributed to a number of factors that I know you will recognize. These include:

  • A healthy diet;
  • Intelligent Nutritional Supplementation;
  • Elimination of Harmful Substances;
  • Stress Reduction;
  • Exercise; and
  • A Healthy Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Life.

Without a doubt, all of them play important roles in achieving optimal health and extending your life. However, one of the most important factors necessary to accomplish these desirable goals is missing from that list. That missing link is oral health. Most people are unaware that mercury amalgam fillings, dental disease, and other oral health concerns are harmful to your health! If all of them are not acknowledged as being significant obstacles to attaining overall health, any effort you undertake to treat any existing health problems will simply not be effective—and will ultimately fall short of desired goals.