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This page is devoted to helping members of my International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD) communicate with other like minded dentists and the public about important issues related to oral and overall health. If you want to communicate with other mercury free dentist about any number of topics, from looking for an associate, selling your mercury free practice, improving the oral and overall health of your patient, or sharing information about how to make your mercury free practice more effective and successful; this is where you can do that here. If you are a member of my Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory and want to post information to this page please email it to me by Clicking Here.

I will only be able to place a small amount of information for each posting, so provide a brief description of what you want posted and a contact source. I will evaluate the content and determine if it's suitable for the Dentist-to-Dentist page and include my comments, if appropriate. I encourage you to act from integrity and only post what you know from reasonable science, logic, and personal experience. The postings will be arranged by the date accepted and will include an appropriate title.

What's New

Video Proof that Mercury Vapor is Released from Amalgam Fillings

Posted by Tom McGuire, DDS

For those of you who want visual proof that mercury vapor is released from amalgam fillings I encourage you to view my YouTube Video, Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth. This amazing video clearly demonstrates that not only is mercury vapor released from amalgams but also quantitatively demonstrates the actual amount of mercury released from an amalgam by a common means of stimulation, tooth brushing.

As you'll see in the Video, brushing a medium sized amalgam filling will release more mercury vapor than allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace! The Video also compares the amount of mercury vapor released to other forms of stimulation, by the patient and at the dental office - and what you can do about it!

There are many scientific studies that prove this, but it's one thing to read about it and yet another to actually see how much mercury vapor being released from an amalgam filling by an EPA approved mercury vapor analyzer. The short video also offers evidence of the toxicity of mercury and is well worth the few minutes of your time it takes to view my YouTube Video: Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth. Don't forget to tell your friends and family about this video - or a dentist you'd like to help educate about this subject. You can also access the video by searching YouTube for either Tom McGuire, DDS or The Poison in Your Teeth.

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Dr. Paul Rubin Discusses Biological Bonded Restorative Dentistry: YouTube Video

Posted by Tom McGuire, DDS

Dr. Paul Rubin is a recognized leader in Mercury Safe Dentistry and has produced the DVD Course: How to Make Your Practice Mercury Safe: Minimizing Occupational Exposure to Mercury at the Dental Office. He has also practiced Holistic/Biological dentistry for over 25 years and is an authority in restorative biological dentistry, particularly the use of biocompatible dental materials, and the use of composites to replace amalgam fillings. He and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) have produced a YouTube Video on the use of posterior composites in restorative dentistry. I encourage every Mercury Safe Dentist to watch his video as I know you will get a lot out of it. Click Here to view his excellent presentation. (

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FDA Statement about Amalgam Fillings

Posted by Tom McGuire, DDS

In an article in the June 8, 2008 article in Newsweek, by Sharon Begley, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), first time ever, has stated amalgam fillings are toxic to a significant portion of our population. The most important part of the article is that the FDA now states that mercury amalgam fillings may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetus,” and that pregnant women and persons who may have a health condition that makes them more sensitive to mercury exposure, including individuals with existing high levels of mercury bioburden“should not avoid seeking dental care, but should discuss options with their health practitioner.

To read the full article Click Here.

Testing for an Amalgam Under a Crown

Posted by Tom McGuire, DDS

In a recent conversation with Bill Wolfe, DDS I learned that he has developed a test kit to find out if an amalgam filling is underneath a crown. I know of no other test that can accurately determine this and according to Bill this procedure is very accurate and reliable. Being able to discover if an amalgam is present under a crown is an important breakthrough for mercury free dentists. According to Bill, his test takes the guesswork out of it and I want to pass this along so you can decide for yourself.

He has a video explaining how his Homeopathic Testing Kit works along with how to evaluate 26 other dental problems with his innovative diagnostic tool, including jaw infections, decay and pulpitis. I encourage you to go to his website to learn more about how this works. To watch the video please go to Once there scroll to Professional Video and select the appropriate link for dial-up or broadband.

Dr. Wolfe is a pioneer and innovator in the field of holistic dentistry and a member of my International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD). He is a certified Naturopathic Physician and a student of homeopathy and applied kinesiology. To learn more about Bill and what he offers please visit his very informative website at, He practices mercury free, biological dentistry in Santa Fe, New Mexico and you can email him at

Bill Wolfe, DDS

Mercury Free Dentist, Sante Fe, New Mexico (NM)

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Green Dentistry

Posted by Dr. Namrata Patel, DDS

The Telosis Institute is an organization that is devoted to helping dentists and health professionals practice ecological sustainable medicine and dentistry and convert to green health care. I've included a brief overview and more information can be found on its website.

Telosis Institute

The Teleosis Institute is devoted to developing effective, sustainable health care provided by professionals who serve as environmental stewards. The Institute has three major goals:

  • To educate health professionals about the principles and practices of
    Ecologically Sustainable Medicine.
  • To build a community-based network for professionals providing
    Green Health Care.
  • To provide access to high quality, cost-effective, sustainable medical services benefiting under served populations and the environment in which we live.

Our Programs

The Teleosis Institute provides educational programs, tools and resources to help health practitioners integrate environmentally sound strategies into their practice and create a new model of care called Green Health Care. A not-for-profit organization, the Teleosis Institute was founded by Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, MA, a health care practitioner and environmental educator. Teleosis is derived from the Greek and can be translated as "greater self-realization."
For more information please contact Dr. Namrata Patel, DDS at or go to the Telosis Institute’s website at Dr. Patel is a mercury free and safe dentist practicing in San Francisco and is a member of my International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD). I invite you to visit my website

Namrata Patel, DDS

Mercury Free Dentist, San Francisco, California (CA)

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General Information

Safe Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal

Posted by Tom McGuire, DDS 

Nasal Breathing during mercury amalgam filling removal. I think that everyone, except most patients, realizes that the latex rubber dam does not effectively protect the patient from mercury vapor. It definitely has its value but if a patient inhales through his, or her, mouth during amalgam removal mercury vapor could be taken in with each breath. This should, and can be avoided and the best suggestion I have is to make sure you tell your patients to breathe through the nose during this process. This information should be a part of whatever removal protocol you are using. It also serves to focus the patient on something else other than the procedure. Learn about the other Safe Amalgam Removal Protocols.

Tom McGuire, DDS (

Mercury Safe Dentist, Sebastopol, CA

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